Education for students, parents, and faculty on the perils of vaping

Virtually every school in America has a vaping problem.


We've designed the #NoVaping Package to help schools tackle vaping on their campuses and equip students with the knowledge to make more informed decisions in the face of vaping.

Spread the Message: The #NoVaping Package includes #NoVaping posters, signs, educational brochures, test and PowerPoint templates to share campus-wide + #NoVaping swag for your entire school. 

Get the Facts: For educating your schools teams, students, and parents, we've included Soter's Vaping White Paper - a comprehensive report on the rapid rise of student vape usage in K-12 schools nationwide and the harsh realities of its associated health risks.

Lead by Example: Case studies from Soter customers that have launched a #NoVaping campaign at their school will help you to establish your school's best practices and get the most benefit from our #NoVaping Package..

The Soter #NoVaping Package is a seven (7) piece package for schools looking to educate their students, parents, and faculty on the perils of vaping. Geared toward a secondary-level audience, the package includes:

Core Print Package: $595.00

  • Ten (10) 2x3' #NoVaping posters

  • 100 8.5x11" trifold educational brochures

  • Five (5) copies of Soter's comprehensive 18-page Vaping White Paper

  • One (1) preventative and in-school suspension #NoVaping test template & teachers guide

  • 100 #NoVaping silicone bracelets for your students

  • #NoVaping PowerPoint Assembly with the most current 2019 statistics (PDF)

Core E-File Package: $350.00

  • 2x3' #NoVaping poster design (PDF)

  • 8.5x11" trifold educational brochure design (PDF)

  • Soter's comprehensive 18-page Vaping White Paper (PDF)

  • Preventative and in-school suspension #NoVaping test template & teachers guide (PDF)

  • #NoVaping PowerPoint Assembly with the most current 2019 statistics (PDF)

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The real-time vape detection™ solution that gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera or microphone.

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