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PAVe is the only national grassroots parent organization dedicated to protecting kids from predatory e-cigarette companies. As moms of teens, we founded our organization in 2018 as a response to the current youth vaping epidemic, the most serious adolescent health crisis our country has faced in decades, and after Juul came into our teen’s school.

Flavors Hook Kids

A website powered by Tobacco Free California focused on vaping.


CATCH offers the CATCH My Breath Vaping Prevention Program. It is a youth e-cigarette, JUUL, and vape prevention program specific to grades 5-12. This evidence-based program was shown to substantially reduce students' likelihood of vaping in the year following program implementation. 


Interactive, story-telling video games that address behavior change, education, health, well-being, and social intelligence.

To address the concerns of vaping, has created a new guide that covers the dangers of vaping, is vaping safer than smoking, and what parents can do.


In 5 units, Stanford Medicine explains the inner workings of E-Cigarettes, aerosols, and third-hand smoke.


A digital platform empowering young people to volunteer, address social change, or participate in civic action campaigns.


A website dedicated to helping youth live healthy, physically active lives.

Prevention For Me

An easy-to-read list about tobacco/substance products and the health concerns surrounding them.

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Hear the facts about vaping from students. 

They prioritize and support not only individuals struggling but also their loved ones who may be concerned. Opus Health created a resource on teen vaping and what parents need to know which you can see here


help teens and parents understand the possible effects of e-cigarettes on overall health, teen brain development, and the potential for addiction.


Learn about alcohol and vaping and the habits associated with a person who may be addicted.

Public Health Degrees
To understand the health risks associated with vaping and to follow through with the decision to quit e-cigarettes and other nicotine products, teenagers need tools and assistance. The following resources can provide guidance to teenagers, as well as parents, family members, and educators who support them.